Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Root Beer Float Mugs 2.0

They're back! By popular demand (and because I like them so much), I am making a second series of Root Beer Float Mugs. They have my trademark bellybutton and waist, with a variation on Kristen Kieffer's two-piece handle. The original series was for my senior show at Syracuse where I had root beer, vanilla ice cream, and desserts galore for visitors to gorge themselves on. The best variation I've ever had on a Root Beer Float is green tea ice cream and ginger ale (thanks for the idea, Alex)!

The longest tandem ever (goes around the whole cup):

And of course, we have bicycle tumblers and playful cups. They were all glazed this afternoon and should be done by next week. Stay tuned for the results of the first glaze firing of my work in the new studio!

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