Saturday, December 29, 2007

It snows here.

A new beginning

"Old lovers have to say goodbye As nightfall darkens in the sky The tears we cry can't keep the world from spinning But morning always comes again As it will for you and I my friend This is not the end it's only a new beginning."
-Mark Erelli

Here we are at the end of yet another year. I must admit, while I did feel a bit silly making a blog, because I had spent years laughing at people who had them, I'm really glad I gave in. In all the hustle to create the elements for the website and for other applications, I've had to do a whole lot of figuring and questioning about who I actually am. What do you say about yourself when all you've got is a paragraph or a page to say it? I've found that having to write out my thoughts and convictions in a way that others would understand them leads me to better understand what those thoughts and convictions really are.

My life has been moving dizzyingly fast in some aspects, and in others, it's really slowed down. As I get to this point in the year, I look back to where I was a year ago, and to who I was a year ago. It feels like that person is a whole different person. For that matter, I feel completely different from who I was two weeks ago. I find I'm very much more in the present and much more at peace with where I stand.

All in all, welcome to the website and blog! As "blog" reminds be of boogers, or borgs, or bogs and logs, I think I would rather call it my "pillow book", to borrow the name from history. It'll be a place to collect and present my investigations and discoveries as I work through them.

To everyone, happy new year! I hope to see more of you all this time around.