Saturday, May 10, 2008

The End of an Era

My apologies for not posting in such a long time. Originally I wanted to write once a week, but I seem to have a hard time writing once a month.

Much has happened since the last time I wrote, as is expected. However, as a summary I'll say the Green Art Show made it's debut, I taught clay lessons to other 600 students grades k-5 with my fellow resident Daniel, I was juried into the Infusion 10 x 10 teapot show with Fong Choo in St. Louis, decided to go to grad school for City Planning in Chapel Hill, North Carolina come August, signed a contract to be a studio manager at Watershed for the Sumer Visiting Artist Residencies, and a dear friend has moved away from Maine.

As we are nearing mid=May, the residency is coming to a close. We are cleaning up our studios (or moving them down to the factory where the summer studios are) and the people that we've lived with for eight months are all leaving to do exciting and indubitably amazing things. One is getting married, another is going to get more famous than she already is, and another is going back to a teaching position in Thailand.

Though it's sad to see everyone go, we are still enjoying our days together over great food (as always), and as it was Dan's Birthday today, good margaritas, too.