Friday, August 19, 2011

Crepes! What else would put on a plate?

Thanks to Jim, the owner of the Pipeline Pottery, for sending in these two! The grand kids are thoroughly enjoying their crepes on some freshly made brushwork plates!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Inspiration is everywhere

I just recently returned from a weekend in North Carolina. There for a wedding and surrounded by great people and friends, here are a few things I saw that just about blew my mind!

I woke up in a tent drowning in a sea of tall grasses. Between the tent wall and the rain flap was the silhouette of some grasses and other weeds. I missed the chance to photograph it as I saw it, but here is a quick recreation (thanks to Alex, who is holding the bag)

RDU Airport. Public art is awesome!

I really enjoy running my hands along this wall. There is so much texture. Like nature, you can experience it one way from a distance, but you can experience it on a whole other level when you get up close to it.

Who knew nature had more than just blades of grass? Haha, silly me for getting stuck in a way of working. The next plates and mugs just might have more going on than clumps of grass.

Life is so simple if we let it be.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let the sharing begin!

As you may or may not know, I'm running a little competition this year. People send me pictures of themselves using my pottery, or of just my pottery in use, and one of those lucky ducks gets a free piece of my pottery at the end of the year! Next year it will be on my birthday, because I'd rather give stuff away than get it. Everyone likes free, right?

At any rate, here are some of the submissions I have so far. If you have a piece of mine, send over a picture! I can't wait to see them! If you don't already own one, what are you waiting for?

One of my favorite people from SU: Sarah enjoying her apple sauce!

Two espresso mugs from my fellow Aikido buddies in Montreal: John and Marilene

A present from a father to his daughter: Joanna's Seder dish