Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beginning again

It was the title of one of my pieces from four or so years ago, but it has a whole new meaning this time around. Back then, it was very emo. This time around, it is very real. In a matter of days I will be a graduate of a Master's in City and Regional Planning program. Where I go from here on out is still fairly open to serendipity. However, what I do know is that I'm excited to get back into a studio/pottery producing rhythm.

Below we have my first attempt to make plaster bats from old donated and waterlogged plaster. Eh, didn't work so well, so I'm attempting try #2 today.

Still, I've got donated reclaim clay, I'm soon to have a plaster bat to dry it out on, I've got some interest from local galleries, I'm heading to Penland in mid-June and I'm soon to have the time resources to put all these other pieces together. Yes, it is an exciting time. If you know anyone who is selling a wheel, please send them my way.