Thursday, September 23, 2010

Studio Upgrade

It has a great view of the Nashua River and Downtown

Trimming in the new studio

Hello again!

As of last week I started working in the Pipeline Pottery in the Picker Building. Located in Nashua's downtown Millyard, the address is 99 Factory St. Ext. and it is found behind all the millyard apartment buildings and close to the entrance to Mines Falls. It's at the end of the hall on the second floor.

The Picker Building and a number of other galleries downtown are having an Art Walk on October 2 and 3 next month. Come and visit and see what Nashua has to offer! You could start here and within walking distance are so many delicious downtown restaurants on all sorts of price points. The Nashua Garden, The City Room Cafe, and the Mexican Bakery are some favorites.

The wheel/studio portion of the studio. There is also an electric kiln, slab roller, kitchenette, glaze mixing materials, and gallery space up front.

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