Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Manchester, NH's newest art center

The mission: To enrich the lives of diverse communities through increased access to the arts

The core values: Community engagement, sustainability, and social consciousness

The Services: Gallery space, rentable studio space, longer term residency program, mubmobile, community youth classes, evening adult classes, empty bowls, public art projects (murals on the building, bus shelters, etc.), a performance/movement/rentable open space with mirrors, kitchenette and changing rooms (maybe an Aikido dojo later?) and a greenhouse on the roof.

The name: Unknown

Want to join me in this awesome endeavor? I'm just getting starting, but I'll be needing help all along the way. Web design, marketing, students, teachers, painters, thinkers, dreamers, dancers, laughers, bakers, every skill is a valuable skill.... Let's talk!

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Whitney said...


I'd love to be involved in this...keep me updated and let me know how you think I might be able to help.