Friday, August 12, 2011

Inspiration is everywhere

I just recently returned from a weekend in North Carolina. There for a wedding and surrounded by great people and friends, here are a few things I saw that just about blew my mind!

I woke up in a tent drowning in a sea of tall grasses. Between the tent wall and the rain flap was the silhouette of some grasses and other weeds. I missed the chance to photograph it as I saw it, but here is a quick recreation (thanks to Alex, who is holding the bag)

RDU Airport. Public art is awesome!

I really enjoy running my hands along this wall. There is so much texture. Like nature, you can experience it one way from a distance, but you can experience it on a whole other level when you get up close to it.

Who knew nature had more than just blades of grass? Haha, silly me for getting stuck in a way of working. The next plates and mugs just might have more going on than clumps of grass.

Life is so simple if we let it be.

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