Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Dripps and their Drugs...

Does this make me a drug pusher? Hey, if it makes kids take their vitamins, I'm all for it!  Thanks to Dripps family for sending this picture along!  You, too, might be the happy winner of a Monica pot this December.  The next drawing (with a whole new batch of pictures and entries) will be pulled on March 15, 2012, my birthday. 

These little dishes were part of the take-away party favors from Alex and my wedding this past weekend.  Oh, yes, that's why I haven't been producing like a mad woman in the studio and why I haven't been posting as much!  I was busy with life! 

The party favors can be seen in the pictures below.  They were these little sake dishes, some of which were part of the sake dish tapestry I made at Watershed, with a little organza bag laid on top that had little nuggets of clay in them.  The clay nuggets (often called seed bombs) had basil, tomato, and sugar snap peas wedged into them with a little note telling a story about the cycle of clay and the cycle of life... ah yes. So cute.  Thanks for the photo below, Whitney Tranchemontage:

But hey, no worries, the wedding is over and life moves on! 

The development for Studio 550 is back in motion and I'll be putting out a call for entries soon for our January/February show. Stay posted!

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Michèle Hastings said...

congratulation on your marriage... what a nice gift you created for your guests!