Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "Live Free or Die" Never Dies

I am a full fledged North Carolina Resident.

My health and auto insurance is here, I have a residence here, I belong to the local Co-op, I will vote in the NC elections this November, I will file the 2010 US decennial census at my NC address, and, the most defining factor of my residency, is that my car (after much unrest) now has a "First in Flight", red, white, and blue North Carolina license plate (NC only has one plate per car, not two).

After an incredible summer at the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, I left on the morning of August 11th. By Wednesday the 13th, I had arrived at 203 Blueridge Rd, Carrboro, NC - my new home. It's taken a week, but it's finally home!

Long story short, I am here as a master's candidate in the Department of City and Regional Planning. Classes started on the 19th of August, and it's been non-stop since then. The people are amazing. I haven't even begun to scratch to surface of who all these people are. Still, DCRP has a reputation for being one of the most social masters programs on campus, so I'm sure I'll get to know them all.

Still, more stories and more pictures to come. Live Free or Die is still my motto, and the Old Man is still alive and well.

Until I can show you all my new living situation, here are some images from the Watershed archives.

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