Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 1st: The Clay Art Center

Here is a much belated update on the opening on March 1st at Port Chester.

The show can be viewed at the Clay Art Center's Online Gallery.

Many Thanks to Leigh Mickelson, who is in charge of the gallery at the Clay Art Center. She has been a blessing. She was great when we were setting up the show, providing tools and materials, advice, and even assistance. In facilitating the sale of work, she has been on top of the game, and in organizing the de-installation of the show, she's been flexible and courteous. It's been amazing - really everything a gallery should handle for the exhibitors, Leigh and the staff at the Clay Art Center have done and more. Needless to say, I was impressed. Also, my friends Jacqui and Jon, from Syracuse and Ben, from Junior High, who are all living in NYC these days came out for the evening.

The following day, Aran, Krisaya, and I arrived at Worcester, where I parked my car for the weekend, to see this:

When I left Worcester for North Carolina, it looked like this:

My mom gave me compact snow shovel years ago for my car. Somehow moms always seem to know what you're going to need well before you think you'll ever need it. It's one of those phenomenons of life.

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